Rural Health Professions Action Plan

Established in 1991 by the Government of Alberta as the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plana renewed Rural Health Professions Action Plan, or RhPAP, is a collaborative partner and trusted advocate for rural Alberta communities trying to achieve greater access to health care.

Our Mission

For RhPAP to transition from a rural physician support program to a rural allied health professionals and community development agency.

Our Objective

Support the efforts of rural Albertans to maintain an accessible health workforce close to home.

With staff located throughout Alberta RhPAP is:

  1. Helping rural Albertans build strategies to attract and retain health professionals within their communities.
  2. Providing accommodations to family medicine resident physicians and students from both Alberta medical schools as they study and practice medicine in rural Alberta communities.
  3. Enabling practising rural Alberta physicians to acquire continuing medical education and locum support.
  4. Rural Alberta's voice to the provincial government on issues related to rural health workforce and physician resource planning.


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