RhPAP Board of Directors

The current RhPAP board of directors is a hybrid of an advisory and policy model managed by up to ten directors: three appointed by the Alberta Medical Association, two appointed by the Health Boards of Alberta, and one appointed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

The board is “responsible for making policy decisions and ensuring through the Executive Director that appropriate staff, structures and processes are in place to carry out the policy and day-to-day tasks of the [RhPAP].” The board is to govern with “an emphasis on outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation, (b) encouragement of diversity in viewpoints.” Its focus should be on “the intended long-term impacts outside the operating organization, not on the administrative or programmatic means of attaining those effects” (RhPAP Board of Directors Policies). 

Meet our board

Our board members represent all corners of the province, and are responsible for ensuring excellence in governance.

2017 14 Dr Bert Reitsma Web

Dr. Bert Reitsma

Blairmore, Alberta

RPAP Chair - AMA Section of Rural Medicine

Dr. Bert Reitsma has come a long way to become one of rural Alberta’s strongest advocates. An accomplished surgeon, Dr. Reitsma began his career in the Netherlands 45 years ago, and worked extensively in the academic and business world before coming to Alberta. “This was the perfect fit,” says Dr. Reitsma about working in Blairmore, where he has a practice and is a general surgeon. “With the rural setting, there is more close-knit communities. You know the patient … and it is personally rewarding to a physician.”

2017 14 Ms Janet Blayone Web

Ms. Janet Blayone

Peace River, Alberta

College of Physician and Surgeons of Alberta

2017 14 Dr John Gillett Web

Dr. John Gillett

Grande Cache, Alberta

Alberta Health Services

Dr. John Gillett came to Grande Cache 20 years ago from South Africa, with a short stint in Regina along the way. Dr. John Gillett embraces the challenges of rural practice. “I think the nice thing about rural practice, at least here, is that you don’t know what to expect on any given day.  Some days are quiet and you just do clinic work.  And then tomorrow, all hell breaks loose and multiple trauma comes through the door. And that’s what I think makes it exciting.”

2017 14 Dr Evan Lundall Web

Dr. Evan Lundall

Red Deer, Alberta

Alberta Health Services

2017 14 Dr Gavin Parker Web

Dr. Gavin Parker

Pincher Creek, Alberta

AMA Section of Rural Medicine

Having received many advantages through his involvement with RhPAP over the years, Dr. Gavin Parker joined the Board of Directors in 2013 with the hope of helping others discover the joys of rural medicine. “I'm a city kid born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I didn’t know anything about working as a country doctor,” Parker explains. “[RhPAP] is singularly responsible for where I find myself today, and so anything I can do to help the organization I’m very happy to do so.”

2017 14 Dr Rob Warren Web

Dr. Rob Warren

Sundre, Alberta

Alberta Medical Association

A practising physician since 2011, and co-owner (with spouse, Dr. Michelle Warren) of Sundre’s Moose and Squirrel Medical Clinic, Dr. Rob Warren says RhPAP remains “a valuable ally”, providing recruitment support, and educational initiatives for practising and future physicians. “Being a rural doc is not easy, and very different from urban family medicine, and I would not have been ready to practice in this sort of environment without [RhPAP's] programming and support.”

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