Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Allied Health

We support the multidisciplinary approach towards maintaining an accessible health workforce close to home.

Rural exposure for future health care professionals

RhPAP Skills Events introduce health care professions to rural high school students and post-secondary students through exposure to a broad range of skills used every day by health care teams in rural Alberta communities.

Skills events also provide rural Alberta communities with a unique opportunity to make a positive impression on future health care professionals through showcasing local amenities and attractions, and exposure to the rural lifestyle.


Your link to practitioner jobs in Alberta

If you are looking for a permanent practice opportunity or are available to work as a locum you have come to the right place!

Visit, a "one-stop" provincial recruitment website  for physicians wanting to find jobs/ practice opportunities in Alberta, Canada.  The website also provides linkages to various resources to help navigate the processes for licensure, supports for immigration and various information sites to learn more about living in Alberta.

Click the link below to access

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