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RPAP Award of Distinction recipient, Dr. Elizabeth M. Racz, was the first choice for the award in more ways than one.

Not only was the Drumheller physician the 2005 recipient, she was also both the first female physician and the first physician from southern Alberta to receive the award.

Cited as an excellent role model for other physicians by Dr. Odell Olson, chairman of the ’05 selection committee, Dr. Racz was selected for the ’05 Award based on her well-rounded contributions to rural medicine.

A native of Canmore, Alberta, Dr. Racz moved to Drumheller in 1980 following her graduation from the University of Calgary to establish a family practice. Living here with her husband and three children, Dr. Racz earned notoriety for her special care and attention to cancer patients at the Drumheller Community Care Centre.

Besides her family medical practice and work in cancer treatment and palliative care, Dr. Racz was also recognized for her work as a valued community volunteer. Over the years she helped to enhance the quality of life in Drumheller and area through her participation in Kinettes; and her active membership in her church and as a volunteer with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. She also helped youth in the community as an instructor of the CALM curriculum, through presentations on teenage pregnancy in the schools, and through support of the school basketball, volleyball and baseball teams.

Exhibiting a  genuine concern for the lives of her patients, and a willingness to go the extra mile to do all that she can for anyone in need, Dr. Racz’ expertise in cancer management and her wisdom and compassion while dealing with the complex issues involving cancer patients and their families were valued by her patients.

Dr. Racz was presented with the Award of Distinction at a community celebration co-hosted by RPAP and the Drumheller community on Saturday, June 25 at the Drumheller Health Centre. She continues to practise in Drumheller today.

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