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The health and well-being of many rural Alberta communities depends on  the presence of international medical graduates at local healthcare facilities.

For physicians from nations like South Africa, Libya and Eygpt and their families who have just arrived in Canada, the transition to rural Alberta can be difficult.

This is where cultural integration workshops, offered by RPAP's Community Physician Recruitment Consultants, can be very beneficial.

Culture integration workshops develop local ambassadors to promote the integration of physicians and families within rural Alberta communities. These one-day sessions explore the experiences and perspectives of other cultures; attemp to increase understanding of the cultural challenges that internationally educated physicians and their families face when they arrive in Alberta; and teach ways to support the settlement of physicians and their families into their new communities.

A recent workshop in the town of Vulcan, located 125 km south of Calgary, about a dozen people leartned how they could support an international physician who is on their way to the community.

Simon Ducatel of the Vulcan Advocate covered the event, and spoke to Kim MacKinnon, one of RPAP's hard-working Community Physician Recruitment Consultants:

One of the main objectives behind the workshop was to help open people’s eyes and minds when considering the cultural challenges faced by newcomers who arrive from vastly different countries and backgrounds, said Kimberley MacKinnon, community physician recruitment consultant with RPAP.

“It’s important for us to be aware of cultural dimensions when integrating new physicians from other cultures,” she told the Advocate during the workshop’s lunch break.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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Kimberley A. MacKinnon

These workshops offer great learning opportunities for communities interested in other cultures and the particular challenges facing newcomer physicians and physicians' families to rural Alberta. They are fun and interactive. Communities interested in this opportunity should contact us at consultants@rpap.ab.ca to discuss.

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