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RPAP | Heath Workforce for Alberta is excited to announce the launch of a new and improved practitioner recruitment website for Alberta, Canada: APLJobs.ca.

In our planning and development, we reached out to several recruiters and job seekers, and we are pleased to deliver a website that is intuitive, user-friendly and cutting edge, incorporating all of the suggestions for change that we received.

Your log in credentials will work on the new site and all of your postings remain intact, although the look and feel is much improved.  Managing your vacancy postings is also much easier now: everything can be done through the new employer dashboard with as many of the processes automated as possible to reduce your workload.

APLjobs.ca: Connecting Healthcare Practitioners with Jobs in Alberta, Canada

APLjobs.ca is a physician recruitment website that is intuitive, user-friendly and full of information physicians at home and abroad have been asking for. New and improved features include:

  • Expanded information on working and living in Alberta for healthcare practitioners considering a career in medicine in Alberta
  • An easier registration process for job seekers
  • An easier vacancy posting process for qualified employers
  • Expanded resources for newcomers to Alberta
  • Information on Canadian Immigration
  • Information specifically for Allied Healthcare providers

We welcome your feedback!

Be sure to check out the new APLjobs.ca, and send your questions and comments to Kim MacKinnon at kim.mackinnon@rpap.ab.ca; or Rebecca Stewart at rebecca.stewart@rpap.ab.ca. Please be advised that Ms. MacKinnon and Ms. Stewart are part of an Alberta delegation visiting the UK and Ireland during the week of 12 October 2014, so their response to you may be delayed. For immediate assistance, please contact RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta at info@rpap.ab.ca.

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