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Since 1992, the RPAP has supported Alberta's rural health practitioners, their families and communities with programs and initiatives intended to enhance rural medical services throughout Alberta.

Over the last decade RPAP has grown its mandate, implementing an “education pipeline” strategy with our partners in government and post-secondary to support medical students and resident physicians in the pursuit of careers in medicine.

Through a sequential series of initiatives, the RPAP has influenced the decisions of hundreds of practitioners, present and future, to move to and remain in a rural or regional Alberta community.

Today, RPAP maintains its support for physician recruitment and attraction through our work with rural Alberta communities; and by working with Alberta Heath Services to provide Alberta’s premiere provincial healthcare recruitment website:

Through skills enhancement and the promotion of general practise, and the introduction of medical students and resident physicians to rural practise through RPAP-sponsored initiatives, RPAP continues to target resources towards rural medical education programs.

As Alberta’s healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the RPAP is growing along with it, ensuring the province’s medical workforce is expanded and distributed to areas of need

Starting this fall, the RPAP will take on a new role, supporting the recruitment and retention of a competent and continuing health workforce for Alberta’s new Family Care Clinics. In doing so, RPAP will support other health care professions as it does rural medicine; something that it envisioned when it incorporated as a not-for-profit company in 2005.

With a new role for RPAP, comes a refreshed focus and identity. Today we officially launch an updated identity: RPAP |Health Workforce for Alberta.

Along with the new identity comes a new brand and website. The design reflects the students and practitioners we support, the communities we serve, and the province that we love. The website is user friendly and completely responsive, meaning you can access the information you need anywhere, anytime on any platform – desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Over the months to come, we will be reaching out to Albertans, profiling the people we serve, and sharing stories of success from across the province with users from around the globe. Be sure to check out our blog, Alberta Bound, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep on top of the latest news and events from RPAP.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta, feel free to email me at, or call me at 780-423-9911 ext. 109.

RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta is dedicated to having the right number of health practitioners in the right places, offering the right services.

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