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RPAP assists resident physicians transition into rural practise through its support of Rural Rotations, Transition to Practice events and the Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN).

Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN)

The Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN) – a unique collaborative venture of the RPAP, the family medicine departments of the universities of Alberta and Calgary, Alberta’s rural physicians and Alberta Health Services – provides a range of support services for resident physicians:

  • CaRMS matching and new resident orientation

Rural Alberta North (RAN) and Rural Alberta South (RAS) branches conduct annual interviews for residency candidates; and coordinate new resident orientation sessions for successful candidates.

  • Financial assistance

The ARFMN provides funding to cover accommodation and travel expenses for training in rural communities. Expenses related to attending academic sessions and workshops are also reimbursed; and a stipend in each academic year is provided for each RAN and RAS Resident for conference attendance. Grants for RAN and RAS social activities are also provided.

  • Online Medical Resources

The ARFMN offers technology funding to resident physicians; and a variety of online medical tools. This includes access to RPAP’s PracticalDoc, which provides access to key clinical resources and teaching tools for Canada’s rural physicians, and RPAP’s GEMS program as well.

  • Education sessions and workshops

Both RAN and RAS provide monthly academic sessions to discuss topics relevant to family medicine. In addition, workshops are organized by the RAN and RAS branches throughout the year and held in various communities. Topics include, but are not limited to: Evidence Based Medicine, Geriatrics, Palliative Care and Communication Skills.

  • Additional Skills Training

The RPAP and the Universities of Alberta and Calgary provide an opportunity for postgraduate trainees to take up to an additional one year in training to help prepare them for rural practice.

> Click here for information on the ARFMN.

Rural Rotations

In order to encourage rural practice and to provide a positive experience in rural Alberta, RPAP promotes and supports Alberta resident physicians taking part of their training in a rural Alberta community.

With RPAP funding and support, both the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta facilitate and organize Family Medicine and Royal College residents to do mandatory and elective rotations with rural preceptors.

Rural Rotations provide residents with the opportunity to improve practical and procedural skills; and experience the diverse roles enjoyed by rural physicians in their community and health care facilities as part of the local health care team. Residents also experience the rural lifestyle, local culture and outdoor activities.

Participating preceptors in each of the training sites have a direct link to the university they are affiliated with and are supported by the respective university through periodic on-site visits by faculty and preceptor development initiatives.

> Click here for more information on Rural Rotations

RPAP Rural Rotation Supports

RPAP Provides the following supports for resident physicians training in rural Alberta communities:

  • Preceptor Support

Preceptors participating in Rural Rotations receive an honorarium through RPAP, and benefit from RPAP’s PracticalProf preceptor development web site and Enrichment Training initiatives.

  • Resident Financial Support

RPAP provides accommodation and travel funding for resident physicians (Family Medicine and Royal College) who take party in mandatory and elective rotations with rural preceptors, facilitated by either the University of Calgary or Alberta.

Transition to Practise Events

Each year, RPAP partners with the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta to host Transition to Practise events for resident physicians.
These events feature sessions on relevant topics including licensing, credentialing, and contracts.
Residents can learn about the resources available to resident physicians; and have the opportunity to network and talk to recruiters and stakeholders involved in different aspects of this transition.

For more information on RPAP initiaitves for resident physicians, please click here.

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