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Each year, RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta, in collaboration with the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta (PARA), hosts a series of Transition to Practice 1010 events. Transition to Practice brings provincial recruitment professionals together with resident physicians of various specialties, in different stages of their residencies.  This year, these events have taken place in Edmonton, and Calgary, with the third one planned for 11 December 2015 in the regional city of Red Deer.

Over 40 residents attended sessions in Edmonton and Calgary, and the evenings were a huge success! In Calgary, the agenda included short, 10 minute sessions on topics such as getting ready for practice, and common medicolegal issues, as well as a “new to practice” panel of physicians who offered the residents a great Q & A opportunity.  Sprinkled in between the sessions were 20 minute networking breaks, during which the residents enjoyed some finger foods, and chatted with a variety of exhibitors including provincial recruiters, Medical Affairs, Primary Care Networks, MD Management, and the Alberta Medical Association.

In Edmonton, the residents received transition to practice information on several topics, including the opportunities and challenges of lifelong learning.  Again, the networking was a valuable part of the evening, and as a recruitment professional, it was great to meet the residents in person to discuss their plans and answer their questions.

These events are successful in part due to the strength of partnerships.   RPAP| Health Workforce for Alberta is proud of its partnership with PARA, which has facilitated four years of successful resident events, bringing valuable information and resources to Alberta’s resident physicians as they get ready to enter practice. 

Please feel free to contact RPAP| Health Workforce for Alberta at  if you have any questions for our team regarding this, or any of our many events and programs. 


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