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Have you ever thought of being a doctor?

While it’s a popular dream, the process of becoming a doctor can be overwhelming: where do you even start? This is one reason why RPAP | Health Workforce Alberta makes a special effort to visit high schools across the province, talking to students and answering their questions about what is takes to start a career in medicine.

In April, Kim Mackinnon, RPAP’s Senior Recruitment Consultant, presented to high school students in Lethbridge:

"Kim's presentation to our students was extremely well received,” says Lettie Croskery, Career Practitioner at Winston Churchill High School. “She helped us all understand how difficult it can be to recruit qualified physicians to areas of our province. The students learned valuable information and Kim really helped 'demystify' the process of becoming a physician. I have high hopes that many of our students will pursue a career in medicine spurred on by Kim's enthusiasm for this challenging and rewarding profession.”

For those unable to attend a presentation in person, RPAP has developed a website for high school and university students with medical aspirations.

BeADoctor.ca answers a number of common questions about grades, courses to study, the importance of volunteer work, the application process and expected salary. The online self-assessment can help give students more options and help to narrow down realistic choices. A variety of links and resources for students, teachers, counselors, and parents are also available on the site.

Are you interested in hosting a Be A Doctor presentation? RPAP offers schools or career development offices in-person presentations, as well as a variety of resources for youth interested in exploring a medical career. To find out more, contact RPAP at consultants@rpap.ab.ca or phone 1-866-423-9911.

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Kimberley MacKinnon

Working with Alberta's youth interested in medicine is very rewarding, definitely a favorite part of my job! Our goal is to get information to rural students to help take away barriers to pursuing their dream of being a doctor. Research tells us that our rural students will likely return to rural to practice so it's a win win for everyone! We provide information and support to all schools, secondary and post secondary students in Alberta - just send us an email! -Kimberley!

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