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Earlier this year, RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta engaged R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. (Malatest) to complete an evaluation of RPAP attraction, retention and education programs. An external evaluation helps to ensure program accountability, continuous improvement, and value for money. 

As a part of our external review process (domain 2) Malatest evaluated the collective impact and outcomes of all RPAP programs regarding the education, attraction retention of physicians to Rural Alberta. We also asked them to suggest areas of improvement or future direction, based on best practice.  To complete this evaluation Malatest applied a mixed-method approach, involving both qualitative and quantitative data collection, contacting many of you over the course of the year.

A final draft has been submitted to the Evaluation Steering Committee for review, and over the coming weeks, we will highlight key findings and recommendations on the RPAP Blog and social media channels. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you as we share Malatest’s findings and contemplate next steps.

About the External Evaluation

RPAP has implemented a comprehensive evaluation framework that consists of the following four domains:

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. External evaluations of major initiatives
  3. Targeted research studies
  4. Day-to-day operations tracking

These domains are integrated into our business and strategic planning cycles and continuously evolve to meet Program needs.

The External Evaluation was based upon the following set of objectives:

  1. To what degree have the objectives and measurable targets (where available) for the RPAP initiatives been achieved? Are there other objectives, which should be added to ensure that the overall education, attraction and retention goals are met?
  2. Has the RPAP as a whole, and/or each of its component parts, been a fundamental or contributing reason for the current level of achievement of these objectives, or have other independent factors been responsible?
  3. How satisfied are the RPAP’s stakeholders, including rural physicians and their families, medical students and resident physicians, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health, Government, the Faculties of Medicine and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA), with the performance of the RPAP?
  4. Are there other unintended objectives and targets, which have been achieved by the RPAP (e.g. reduction of physician stress and fatigue levels, improved quality of services, etc.)?
  5. Are there other initiatives, in place or under consideration in other jurisdictions, which could potentially contribute to the achievement of the overall objectives more cost-beneficially? As part of an Environmental scan, are there any issues that the RPAP should consider to maximize its effectiveness and the achievement of its vision?
  6. Are changes to the health care system working in concert with, or in opposition to, the objectives of the RPAP? How can any negative effects on overall objectives be addressed?
  7. To maximize the effectiveness and success of the RPAP in achieving its Vision, what changes are suggested to current RPAP programs/initiatives responsibilities, involvements and authorities for the organization, management, monitoring and continued development of the RPAP?

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