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The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is designed to support economic growth in Alberta by attracting and retaining work-ready immigrants, including physicians.

Operated by the Government of Alberta, in conjunction with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) department of Canada’s federal government, AINP enables physicians in Alberta with a temporary work permit to apply for permanent residence.

Physicians that are nominated by the Government of Alberta can apply for their permanent residence (PR) through CIC as a Provincial Nominee, as well as their spouse / common law partner and dependent children. Although a provincial nominee program, CIC makes all final decisions on Provincial Nominee permanent resident applications.

A valid work permit must be maintained throughout the AINP application and assessment process. A valid work permit or implied status based on a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) must be presented at the time the AINP application is assessed. 

For physicians in Alberta, recruitment professionals will complete or provide assistance with applications for work permits, LMIAs and AINP nominations. For more information regarding LMIAs, please click here.

As of 27 August 2015, the AINP was closed to new applications until January 27, 2016. The hope is that this will relieve the glut of applications received; allowing the applications already received to be processed or at the very least, stop the list from growing any larger. 

As of print date, 27 Janaury 2016 remains the date on which the government will accept new applications into all streams of the AINP. However, there are some changes to the program expected. As we know, things can change quickly.  

Anyone interested in applying for permanent residency in Alberta under the AINP is encouraged to stay up to date. RPAP will continue to post updated information on the blog. 

If you have any questions about coming to Alberta to practice medicine, please contact an RPAP Recruitment Consultant at recruitmentconsultants@rpap.ab.ca.

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