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Practising Physician Forms

All forms pertaining to RPAP initiatives for practising rural Alberta physicians can be found here.

Some of these forms are available in PDF format. If you have not used PDF files before, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is required for viewing PDFs.

RhPAP Awards, Bursaries and Grants

The RhPAP Awards provide a healthy dose of recognition to rural Alberta physicians and communities who exhibit excellence in the delivery of healthcare to rural residents.

RhPAP also provides support for medical students who intend to practise in rural Alberta communities.

Nomination forms for all RPAP Award and bursary programs are available on the right:

Annual Reports, Key Performance Indicators, and Business Plans

The Business Plan incorporates and builds upon the long-term Vision of the RPAP - "Having the right number of physicians in the right places, offering the right services in Rural Alberta" - and the major thrusts and initiatives implemented during the first two business plans. The business plan also sets out the major goals, initiatives, performance measures and targets to be accomplished by the RPAP during that period.

The Annual Report reports describe the progress made in achieving the objectives set out in the business plans. Since 2003, complementary information was prepared describing Rural Physician Spousal and Family programming, the Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN) and the RPAP Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Included within each Annual Report are the audited finanical statements for the corresponding period.

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a set of measurements that are defined based on the overall goals of an organization. They are used to help manage, control and achieve program effectiveness and results. The RPAP has developed KPI for each of its programs and major target audiences.

To view previous year's versions of these documents, click here to visit our Archive section.

Current Year Annual Report

Annual Report packages include audited financial statements for the corresponding period.

    Current Year KPI Documents

    Current Year Audited Financial Statements

    Financial Statements of the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan

    Current Year Business Plan

    Freelancer Resources

    Resources for use by RhPAP freelance storytellers and consultants.


    Evaluation Reports of RPAP Initiatives

    Annual Report Archive

    Audited Financial Statement Archive

    KPI Document Archive

    "RPAP News" (2001-2009) Archive

    RPAP Spousal and Family "Hotsheet" Archive (2006-2008)

    RPAP Reports

    Business Plan Archive

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