Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

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anyone who wants to build healthy and sustainable communities in rural Alberta, Canada.

Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan is unique in Canada.

Funded and supported by the provincial government for over two decades, the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) works with practising and prospective rural physicians; and Alberta's rural communities to ensure every Albertan has accessible to timely and reliable healthcare services.

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RPAP supports Practising Physicians

RPAP offers practising physicians in rural Alberta communities the opportunity to upgrade existing skills or gain new skills in order to meet the medical needs of the community or surrounding areas.

RPAP also connects with with physicians who are new to rural Alberta, offering educational resources, information about the RPAP, and assistance with the transition into their new community.


RPAP supports Alberta's Rural Communities

RPAP works with provincial government departments, local and provincial agencies, and partner groups to support recruitment of practitioners for Alberta communities.

RPAP offers a variety of resources to help individuals start and manage community practitioner attraction and retention committees.

The RPAP Awards provide a healthy dose of recognition to rural physicians who have made ongoing contributions to their community; and to rural Alberta communities that exhibit success in attracting and retaining rural physicians.


RPAP supports Rural Family Medicine Resident Physicians and Students

Starting in high school, and continuing on to undergraduate studies, RPAP provides educational respurces and school outreach programming to encourage students from rural Alberta to consider a career in rural medicine.

Medical students considering rural practice as a Family Physician or other general specialist can access a variety of RPAP initiatives, including funding and support to raise their awareness and to increase their exposure to rural medicine.

RPAP provides a variety of initiatives, funding and support for resident physicians to raise awareness of and increase their exposure to rural medicine; as well improving their preparedness as they move into careers as practising rural physicians.


RPAP supports Allied Healthcare Practitioners

The task of facilitating the recruitment of high-quality of healthcare practioners to serve Albertans is complex. RPAP is evolving to meet the challenge.

Through our website, RPAP provides a "one-stop" provincial recruitment website for healthcare practitioners wanting to find jobs and practice opportunities in Alberta.

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