Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Medical Skills Weekends

Discover the advantages and lifestyles of practicing rural medicine.       

RPAP Medical Skills Weekends provide first and second-year medical students with the opportunity to visit rural Alberta communities and experience what rural medicine is all about.

  • Students learn what it is like to practice in a rural community, and discover practice sites they may wish to consider in the future.
  • Participants also get a taste of rural medicine and to learn basic medical skills taught by rural physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Communities use this opportunity to showcase their assets to medical students who typically stay for the weekend. 

What does a Skills Weekend look like?

Since 2004, RPAP-sponsored Medical Skills Days and Weekend events have provided Alberta medical students, and other aspiring healthcare professionals, with the opportunity to experience healthcare delivery in rural setting. Particpants learn new skills, meet new people, and explore what living and working in a rural community really means.

Get involved

Learn below how you can take part in an RPAP Medical Skills Weekend, either as a student, or a memebr of a host community.


Be a student particpant

Skills Weekends are arranged by the RPAP Medical Students' Initiative Coordinator and are scheduled throughout the year in rural Alberta communities. Participation occurs through the RPAP-supported Rural Medical Interest Groups at the universities of Alberta and Calgary. Priority is given to medical students who have not participated in a previous tour.

Contact the RPAP Medical Students' Initiative Coordinator for information on upcoming skills weekends.

Click here to access contact information.

Be an event host

Rural Community Skills Weekends are scheduled throughout the year in communities for exposure to rural community living and practice and to learn new skills taught by local health care practitioners.

Download our toolkit and learn how your community can host a RPAP Rural Community Skills Weekend.

Click here to download.


Contact the RPAP Medical Students' Initiative Coordinator for more information on RPAP Medical Skills Weekends.

Click here.

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