Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Preceptor Support

The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan provides numerous initiatives for rural clinical teachers, known as preceptors.

Have you had a medical student shadowing you for an on-call weekend? Is training a resident physician during a rural rotation part of your busy schedule? RPAP can help:

Rural Rotation Payments and Support

RPAP provides payments to preceptors who undertake Rural Rotations with Medical Learners (Medical Student, PGY1 or PGY2 Family Medicine Resident).

The preceptors in each of the training sites have a direct link to the academic department they are affiliated with and are supported by the respective faculty of medicine through periodic on-site visits by faculty and preceptor development initiatives.

Preceptor Development

Through RPAP funding and support, preceptor development courses are offered each year the University of Calgary (UofC) and the University of Alberta (UofA). These include Cabin Fever, led by the UofC distributed learning and rural initiatives office, and Fall Harvest lead by the UofA office of rural and regional health. Both events provide an opportunity to increase the preceptor’s skill set and network with other rural and regional preceptors and their families.

Concise Online Teaching Tools

Preceptors love to teach, but most are expert clinicians, not educators. was created to provide practicing rural physicians with a place where they can access online skills, resources, and support. More than a clearinghouse for content, Practical Doc merges the needs of a physician who may be looking for information with the support that can be sometimes hard to find when working in a rural community.’s teaching support section, Practical Prof, provides a handy guide to clinical teaching, together with extra educational tools, resources and downloads to help rural physicians train the next generation of practical docs.

Practical Doc’s Virtual Library provides rapid access to key online Clinical Resources.

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Want to learn more about Preceptor Supports offered by RPAP? Contact our Adminsitrative Coordinator for details.

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