Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Resident/ Medical Student Support

From high school, to med school to medical practise, RhPAP is there to help future docs become practising physicians.

Pipeline to Practise

Since the RhPAP’s inception an integrated and comprehensive series of initiatives have been implemented using an “education pipeline” strategy.

  • Starting in high school, and continuing on to undergraduate studies, RhPAP provides educational resources and school outreach programming to encourage students from rural Alberta to consider a career in rural medicine.
  • Medical students considering rural practice as a Family Physician or other general specialist can access a variety of RhPAP initiatives, including funding and support to raise their awareness and to increase their exposure to rural medicine.
  • To encourage medical students and residents to consider rural practice, RPAP also provides a variety of initiatives, funding and support for resident physicians; raising awareness and increasing exposure to rural medicine; as well improving their preparedness as they move into careers as practising rural physicians.

Select a stream that applies to you:


I am a student

If you're in high school and thinking about your options for university and beyond, or if you're in university and considering medical school, RhPAP's website is the place to search out information that will help you.



I am a medical student

If you're a medical student considering rural practice, this option is for you:



I am a resident physician

If you're a rural family medicine resident preparing to move into a career as a practising rural physician, this option is for you:

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