Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Additional Skills Training

RhPAP and the Universities of Alberta and Calgary provide an opportunity for postgraduate trainees to take up to an additional one year in training to help prepare them for rural practice.

Eighteen (18) Additional Skills Training PGY3 positions are available through the RPAP between both Faculties in such areas as anaesthesia, surgery, obstetrics, GI Medicine and palliative care. The type of training taken will depend on the resident's interests and the needs of the rural community he/she will be practicing in.

Selection Process

The selection process is based primarily on letters of reference, academics, evaluations, experience, interviews and interest. In addition, applicants are prioritized in part based on their present location and whether they are in training or practice. The priority ranking is indicated below, in order of first to fourth priority:

  1. Alberta postgraduate trainees who are currently on the Educational Register in Alberta
  2. Physicians registered and practicing in rural Alberta
  3. Out-of-province postgraduate trainees who are eligible for registration on the Educational Register in Alberta
  4. Out-of–province physicians licensed and practicing in another Canadian province or territory and who are eligible for registration in Alberta.

Applicants accepted for an RhPAP Additional Skills Training position in rankings 1-3 above are conditional and are required to obtain a Return-in-Service Agreement (RiSA) with RhPAP for a rural community or with the AMA Physician Locum Service. The RiSA must be obtained by the deadline determined by the RhPAP (and usually prior to the start of training - typically 1 July) as a condition of acceptance into the Additional Skills Training program.

Conditional Acceptance Requirements

The Faculty of Medicine selects applicants according to the above priority rankings, arranges the necessary training, and notifies RhPAP of the selected candidates and their mailing and e-mail addresses.

RhPAP then contacts the selected candidates accepted into an Additional Skills Training position to remind them that their acceptance is conditional with an obligation to obtain a RiSA. Failure to obtain a RiSA by the date specified by RhPAP may void their conditional acceptance.

Candidates are also be required to agree to keep the RhPAP aware of their current postal and e-mail addresses for a period of not less than three years after the completion of the Additional Skills Training, and to acknowledge their willingness to participate in any evaluation of the Additional Skills Training program.

For further information or if you are interested in applying for an Additional Skills Training position, please contact:

University of Calgary

Rural Initiatives Program

Telephone: 1-877-466-4257

Fax: (403) 210-3986



University of Alberta

Office of Rural and Regional Health

Telephone: 1-866-492-0678

Fax: (780) 248-1163

E-mail: Rural&

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