Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Medical Students

RhPAP offers initiatives for medical students considering careers in rural family medicine.

Medical students considering rural practice as a Family Physician or other general specialist can access a variety of RPAP initiatives, including funding and support to raise their awareness and to increase their exposure to rural medicine.

Through the Medical Students’ Initiative Coordinator, RhPAP offers the following initiatives for rural medical students:

  • Rural Medical Interest Groups (RMIGs) RhPAP supports RMIGs at the Universities of Calgary and Alberta, which help to facilitate rural outings for medical students who are interested in exploring rural medicine upon graduation.
  • Medical Skills Weekends RhPAP Medical Skills Weekend events provide first and second-year medical students, and students from other disciplines (nursing, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, etc.), with the opportunity to visit rural Alberta communities and experience what rural medicine is all about. Participants learn basic medical skills taught by rural physicians and other health care professionals; and discover practice sites in rural Alberta that they may wish to consider in the future.
  • RhPAP Weekend Shadowing This one-on-one learning experience connects first- and second-year medical students with Alberta rural physicians. Follow a rural physician for all or part of a weekend on call to see the diverse and unique range of skills involved. Learn new skills! Practice simple procedures!


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