Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Weekend Shadowing

Medical students can spend a weekend shadowing a rural physician on-call through RhPAP Weekend Shadowing.

This program connects first and second-year medical students with Alberta rural physicians, providing the opportunity to observe and learn a diverse and unique range of skills; and to practice simple medical procedures.

Shadowing experiences involve the participation of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Faculties of Medicine AND RhPAP.  The University and RhPAP work in conjunction to organize the experience (community, date/time, and physician) and provide liability coverage and funding.

  • First- and second-year medical students (i.e. those in their pre-clinical years) are permitted to shadow the preceptor; hands-on contact is only permitted when the student is under the direct guidance of the preceptor. Students in their clinical years generally have more freedom in being able to meet with patients on their own and are able to be more 'hands on". However, these students are also under the supervision of their preceptor. Students should confirm the specific functional limitations of this summer experience/elective with their UGME office.
  • Please contact the RhPAP Office to schedule your shadowing experience. You will need to provide the date of the weekend you are available and anything else you have in mind -- i.e. location, etc. You can advise that the location needs to be on a bus route, or how far away you would like to be from the university. An RhPAP representative will respond to advise that your request has been received and attempts will be made to set up the shadowing opportunity.
  • KEEP THE REQUESTED WEEKEND AVAILABLE as you may not hear from the RhPAP representative until the week of the anticipated shadow. RhPAP will try to meet your specific needs with regards to date and location.


Book a Shadowing Experience

To book a shadowing experince, or to get more infomation, contact our Administrative Coordinator in charge of Shadowing.

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