Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Rural Alberta Physicians

If you are a practising or prospective rural Alberta physician, RhPAP is here for you.

We offer Rural Initiatives for Physicians in Alberta

The Rural Health Professions Action Plan works to connect with physicians who are new to Alberta, and Alberta physicians looking to transition to a  rural practice.

For practising rural Alberta physicians, RhPAP offers:

  • Training opportunities
  • Resources for rural physicians
  • Physician Locum Services

Physician Skills Enrichment

RhPAP offers skills enrichment programming for practising rural Alberta physicians to upgrade existing skills or gain new skills in order to meet the medical needs of the community and surrounding area:

RhPAP Enrichment Training Program includes:

      • Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program
      • General Emergency Medicine Skills
      • Rural Medical Staff Professional Development
      • Emergency Medical Enrichment

Physician Locum Services

The weekend and senior weekend locum programs provide weekend relief so rural physicians may work emergency department shifts of a frequency no greater than one-in-four weekends. The weekend locum programs are funded by RhPAP and delivered under contract by the Alberta Medical Association.


CME for you

Aided by RhPAP funding, the Continuing Medical Education/Continuous Professional Learning office at the University of Calgary works with rural physicians to provide high quality CME/CPL to meet the needs of rural Alberta.

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