Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

General Emergency Medical Skills (GEMS)

For rural physicians, maintaining clinical competency in emergency medicine can be a challenge.

It is critically important for rural doctors, who face busy schedules and long distances to urban training facilities, to maintain a diverse skill set in order to handle every situation that rolls through the emergency room doors.

The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan, in partnership with Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS), offers rural physicians with the opportunity to receive relevant, interactive skills training at their rural location through their General Emergency Medicine Skills (GEMS) enrichment program.

GEMS is an online, multimedia emergency-skills training experience with a hands-on simulation component via a STARS Human Patient Simulation session that enables rural physicians to upgrade emergency medical skills at work or at home.

Through maintaining and acquiring emergency management skills physicians achieve better patient and physician outcomes, while maintaining their interest and commitment to rural Alberta.

The GEMS program meets the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and has been accredited for MainPro-C credits.

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GEMS Training Process

1.   Look under "Practising Physicians" on our Forms and Publications Page  to download and complete the GEMS Enrichment Training Application Form

    > Click here.

2.   Contact Us for the log-in & password needed to access the on-line GEMS Learning Modules

    > Click here.

3.   Log on to the Online GEMS Learning Modules

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4.   Complete the on-line pre- and post-tests in order to obtain CFPC Mainpro® credits

5.   Upon completion of the GEMS study of modules, GEMS candidates contact STARS through the STARS contact to the right to register for a Human Patient Simulator (HPS) session

6.   STARS will notify RPAP of the candidate's successful participation in an HPS session

7.   RPAP sends a Certificate of Attendance to the GEMS candidate. The candidate can then record their completed Mainpro credits.

To be eligible for the RhPAP Certificate of Attendance, physicians must:

  • Complete all the GEMS modules,
  • Participate in a STARS Mobile Simulation Program session, and
  • Complete an Evaluation Survey.


AFTER completing the self-study, GEMS candidates contact STARS directly to register for testing at a Human Patient Simulator (HPS) session:

STARS Operational Training - Edmonton (780) 890-3135 

STARS Operational Training - Calgary  (403) 516-4811

STARS Operational Training - Grande Prairie (780) 357-5061

GEMS learning modules NOW include:

  • Preparation for Transport,
  • C-Spine X-Ray and CT Head,
  • Central Venous Access & Intraosseous Infusion,
  • Shock
  • Advanced Airway Management and Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Emergency Thoracostomy
  • Injured Child

Study credits

The GEMS program meets the accreditation criteria of The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and has been accredited for up to 14 Mainpro-C credits as follows: two (2) Mainpro-C credits for each completed module plus 2 Mainpro-C credits for completing the STARS Mobile Simulation Program component.


If you are interested in applying for GEMS Enrichment training, discuss your training request with an RhPAP Skills Broker.


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