Rural Health Professions Actions Plan

Physician Skills Enrichment

Rural physicians can upgrade skills or acquire
new ones through RhPAP Enrichment Programs

Physicians in rural communities can access opportunities through RhPAP to upgrade existing skills or gain new skills in order to meet the medical needs of the community and surrounding area.

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Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program

The Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Program is a
training program for rural physicians who wish
to upgrade existing medical skills, or gain new
skills, in order to meet the medical needs of their
community and surrounding area.


General Emergency Medical Skills (GEMS)

GEMS is an online, multimedia emergency-skills training experience with a hands-on simulation component that enables rural physicians to upgrade emergency skills at work or at home.


Rural Medical Staff Professional Development Program

The Rural Medical Staff Professional Development (RMSPD) program provides support for short periods of training (less than 2 weeks) for rural or regional physicians acquiring skills important to their community.


Emergency Medical Enrichment

This program provides formal emergency medicine training to rural physicians, enabling them to competently and confidently deal with rural emergency patients, from assessment and management through to appropriate referral and transport.

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