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Training with the entire health care team

Why is it important to involve the entire health care team in training events?...

January 10, 2018 • 0 Comments

Tagged with Alberta Health Enrichment Training interdisciplinary Team Training • Written by Lucas Warren

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‘I didn't feel that I am alone’ - Swan Hills uses its greatest asset to attract healthcare professionals

Nestled within Alberta’s boreal forest, near the geographical centre of the province, Swan Hills is a community steeped in history, industry, and recreation. A former oilfield base camp, the town has grown to a community full of opportunities both professional and personal....

December 18, 2017 • Written in Resident Physicians Allied Health Community Support 0 Comments

Tagged with Alberta Health Alberta Health Services Swan Hills • Written by Lucas Warren Jonathan Koch

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David Kay: Alberta wouldn’t be the same without RPAP

Without your immediate input, decision makers deciding the fate of RPAP will not have a clear understanding of the impact of RPAP programs to rural Albertans, and the valuable services we provide in your community. Read David Kay's call to action here......

February 24, 2016 • Written in Community Support 1 Comments

Tagged with Alberta Health David Kay Physician attraction Physician education Physician recruitment Physician retention RPAP

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Video: Dr. Robert Warren shares Sundre's secrets of success

Since 2012, the town of Sundre, Alberta has successfully recruited several physicians. Dr. Robert Warren talks about the secrets of Sundre's success......

September 10, 2015 • Written in Community Support 0 Comments

Tagged with Alberta Health Services Committees Physician attraction Physician recruitment Physician retention Sundre • Written by Jonathan Koch

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Sponsorship Changes for Physicians wanting to practice in Alberta

Important information for physicians wanting to practise in Alberta, Canada....

July 15, 2015 • Written in 2 Comments

Tagged with Alberta Health Services CPSA Sponsorship

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