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The RPAP Rural Physician Award of Distinction enjoyed a successful second campagin, with 24 outstanding candidates being nominated for the 2003 award.

Following a review of public nominations by the RPAP Coordinating Committee – which included representatives from the Alberta Medical Association, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Alberta Health and Wellness, rural regional health authorities and the AMA Section of Rural Medicine, Dr. David P. Miller of Beaverlodge was selected as the 2003 RPAP Award of Distinction recipient.

Dr. Miller's selection was based on his well-rounded contributions to rural medicine, and his noteworthy contributions to teaching and to the Beaverlodge community. Born and trained in Ireland, Dr. Miller immigrated to Canada in 1970, and as of 2003 had served the Beaverlodge community as a family physician for over three decades. He also provided local, regional, and provincial leadership to rural medical practice and to his local community.

The nomination for Dr. Miller received outstanding support from the Beaverlodge and surrounding area, with 20 citizens and community organizations writing letters of support. It was also widely supported by his colleagues, who praised his commitment to the community and also his wider group of colleagues across the province.

"There really isn't anything in our community that he hasn't been involved within the medical sense."

A community celebration, cohosted by RPAP, was held in June honouring Dr. Miller and three other area physicians – Drs. Robert Crowe, John Hunter, and Paul Keith. Dr. Miller continues to practise in Beaverlodge to this day.

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