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A rural physician who makes resident physician well-being a top priority has been recognized by those he mentors.

On 27 October 2014, Dr. Rob Warren of Sundre was presented with the 2014 PARA Resident Physician Well-being Award in Red Deer by resident physicians enrolled in the Rural Alberta North branch of the Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN).

The Well-being Award is presented annually by the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta (PARA). The award recognizes a staff physician who is an advocate for resident physicians and who has demonstrated a strong interest in resident physician well-being.

According to Dr. Carly Crewe, a second-year family medicine resident physician involved in the nomination, the well-being of residents—physicians who have received their MD, and are enrolled in a two-year program to become nationally certified as specialists in Family Medicine—is a top priority for Dr. Warren.

“When he says he puts resident well-being first he truly means it,” says Dr. Crewe.

Through the Moose and Squirrel Clinic in Sundre, which Dr. Warren operates with spouse and colleague, Dr. Michelle Warren, medical students and Family Medicine residents from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge by seeing patients every day.

Describing Dr. Warren as a “mentor and role model”, Dr. Crewe added that the Sundre physician has been there for her throughout her entire medical training.

“In everything from planning your clinic schedule to ensure you have enough time for yourself, to helping you navigate through accommodation issues on rotations, he will drop anything to help you out.”

Dr. Crewe cited a specific instance last winter when she encountered an accident on the highway, and Dr. Warren was able to provide a “mentor moment” over the phone.

 “During a blizzard I stopped at a really terrible accident along the highway, and the first person I phoned afterward for support was Dr. Warren and he was there for me,” said Dr. Crewe, adding she also received assistance from Dr. Jack Bromley, a Red Deer physician and ARFMN director.

Along with Dr. Crewe, fellow Family Medicine Resident Physicians—Dr. Wendy Howery and Dr. Stephen Annand—presented Dr. Warren with the award.

The Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN) offers dedicated Family Medicine residency training to prepare competent physicians for the broad demands of rural practice. The Network is a unique collaborative venture of RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta, the Family Medicine departments of the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, and Alberta's rural physicians and Alberta Health Services.

Photo: Dr. Wendy Howery, Dr. Carly Crewe, Dr. Rob Warren and Dr. Stephen Annand (RPAP / Jonathan Koch)

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