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Starting in Edmonton, we're happy to announce the addition of Nils Meunier to the RPAP team. As Research and Analysis Associate, Nils will be working with Chris Carr, who has taken on an expanded role with our organization as the Senior Management and Analysis Consultant.Chris and Nils will be working together to enhance RPAP’s impact on Alberta health outcomes by informing RPAP planning and administration, engaging in and supporting rural health research and supporting the implementation of our FCC recruitment and retention strategy.

Heading south we welcome Charlene Carver to the role of Rural Unit Coordinator for the ARFMN Rural Alberta North program in Red Deer. Further south in Lethbridge, Wendy Gibbons has joined the ARFMN and RPAP team as Rural Unit Coordinator for the Rural Alberta South. Meagan Williams has stepped back from her full time role in Lethbridge, but will continue to work with the ARFMN program on a part-time basis as an administrative assistant.

Finally we head back up north to say farewell to Dr. Brenda Miller, who has served the ARFMN program diligently as director and co-director of the ARFMN Rural Alberta North program in Grande Prairie. Thank you Dr. Miller for your years of service, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Dr. Valentin Duta will serve as sole director of the Rural Alberta North program in Grande Prairie, preparing the next generation of Alberta's rural physicians.

The Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network.(ARFMN) is a unique collaborative venture of the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP), the Family Medicine departments of the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, Alberta's rural physicians and Alberta Health Services

Watch the RPAP Blog over the coming months for in-depth profiles of the RPAP team.

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