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The Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CASPR) will be holding their 11th annual conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario from 26-28 April 2015. The conference will attract over 100 physician recruiters from across Canada. The theme of the conference is ‘Come Grow With Us’. Jill Croteau, Physician Recruitment and Retention Coordinator with Niagara Region, and Jill Cappa, Regional Advisor (Team Lead) with HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, are the Conference Co-Chairs and location contacts.

The 2015 conference will feature 11 sessions from physician succession planning to immigration issues, physician over/under employment and policy implications.

“The objective of the organization is to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas on the principles, practices and ethics in the field of physician recruitment and retention,” stated Sheila MacLean, CASPR 2014/15 Chair. “Physicians from all specialties expect the support of physician recruiters when considering relocating to a new community. CASPR members are an important part of the physician placement process. We ensure that our communities have access to medical services locally.”

In addition, CASPR Fellowship programs will be held on Sunday April 25th. The CASPR Fellowship program comprises of three programs: 101, 201, and 301. Once physician recruiters successfully complete all 3 courses, they become a certified “Canadian Physician Recruiter.” The program provides best practice education related to physician recruitment. It is the only program of its kind in Canada.

The 2016 CASPR Conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia.


The Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CASPR) is a professional organization from across Canada whose members’ primary role is to recruit physicians for their communities, local hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Since launching in 2004, CASPR has grown from 10 to over 170 members from across Canada, and continues to increase every year. The association is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and is represented by a volunteer Board of Directors. Membership is open to non-profit Physician Recruiters employed or retained by hospitals, hospital corporations, clinics, health care regions or authorities, public sector, government agencies or communities to recruit and retain physicians for that entity. CASPR offers a means for Canadian Physician Recruiters from coast to coast to share best practices, techniques and tools for physician recruitment and retention.

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