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RPAP Enrichment Programs allow Rural Alberta physicians to learn new skills, or upgrade existing abilities.

New- The Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Training Program

The Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment Program is a training program for rural physicians who wish to upgrade existing medical skills, or gain new skills, in order to meet the medical needs of their community and surrounding area.

Candidates may choose any skill required to better serve their community, ranging from counselling to orthopaedics and intensive care.

To be eligible for Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment funding, the training period involved can be no less than two (2) weeks and not greater than twelve (12) months.

All candidates must be rural Alberta physicians (Family Physicians or Specialists) established in practice; and must have a signed approval from the zone medical director for the training requested.

Physicians accepted in the Peter K. Lindsay Enrichment program receive an honorarium of $40,000 per year, prorated for the length of training.

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General Emergency Medicine Skills (GEMS)

GEMS is an on-line, multimedia emergency-skills training experience with a hands-on simulation component via a STARS Human Patient Simulation session that enables rural physicians to upgrade emergency medical skills at work or at home.

GEMS learning modules now include:

  • Preparation for Transport
  • C-Spine X-Ray and CT Head
  • Central Venous Access & Intraosseous Infusion,
  • Shock
  • Advanced Airway Management and Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Emergency Thoracostomy
  • Injured Child

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Recruitment Support Program - Clinical Privileges

This program provides an honorarium to candidates undergoing an assessment for additional skills, such as C-Sections and FP-Anaesthesia, necessary to determine a grant of clinical privileges, and to their preceptor. (Funding is dependent on budget.)

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Rural Medical Staff Professional Development program

This program provides up to two weeks of financial support for practising rural Alberta physicians acquiring skills important to their community.

Rural medical staff may qualify for up to $3500 from RPAP and may be used to provide honoraria for local physicians seeking training, honoraria for preceptors or presenters, and for appropriate travel expenses.

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Emergency Medicine Enrichment (EME) program

EME provides emergency medicine training to rural physicians, enabling them to competently and confidently deal with rural emergency patients, from assessment and management through to appropriate referral and transport.

The EME program provides rural physicians with the opportunity to acquire between 1 - 6 months of emergency medicine training in Edmonton area hospitals. One-month traineeships will occur in either the Royal Alexandra Hospital or the University of Alberta Hospital. Longer traineeships will also include one month experiences in the other emergency departments within the Edmonton area.

(Please note – RPAP does not fund the 1 year CCFP-EM program)

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Continuing Medical Education

Aided by RPAP funding, the Continuing Medical Education/Continuous Professional Learning office at the University of Calgary works with rural physicians to provide high quality CME/CPL to meet the needs of rural Alberta.

> Click for more info on CME options was formed by RPAP to provide practicing rural physicians with a place where they can access on-line skills, resources, and support. More than a clearinghouse for content, Practical Doc merges the needs of a physician who may be looking for information with the support that can be sometimes hard to find when working in a rural community.

The website is also home to video and podcasts from around the globe, as well as PowerPoint presentations that look at providing the best educational experience for a resident physician.

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Locum Services

The weekend and senior weekend locum programs provide weekend relief so rural physicians may work emergency department shifts of a frequency no greater than one-in-four weekends.

The weekend locum programs are funded by RPAP and delivered under contract by the Alberta Medical Association.

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