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“Is winter in Canada really that bad?” 

It’s a very important question to ask if you are considering moving to Canada. 

It is true that winter can seem very long and very cold. But it can also be very wonderful. 

Have you ridden in a sled pulled by a team of dogs? Have you ever driven a snow mobile?  Have you played tag on skates on an outdoor rink?  Have you stuck your tongue on a piece of metal when it’s 30-below Celsius?  (I don’t recommend the last one, but I am pretty sure every person growing up in Canada has tried it - only once). 

Winter is beautiful: The glistening snow, the hoar frost making the trees look like something out of a painting. 

In Canada, our houses are cozy and warm. They have furnaces that are built for our winters, and are insulated in places I am sure that you didn’t realize needed insulation (doors to attics). 

In Alberta, we also have “chinooks” – warm winds from the Rocky Mountains that can make a January day in parts of the province feel like the first day of spring.

The arrival of snow is inevitable, but when it comes, legions of snow plows are on the road within hours. The amount of sand put on our highways would make a very nice beach I am sure. 

I met a lady who had adopted a young fellow from Africa. When he arrived it was winter and was snowing, and the next morning it was still snowing. He asked his new Mother if in Canada, God gives the children new toys every day.

Winter is what you make of it. 

Are you looking for an extraordinary lifestyle for you and your family, incredible views and fresh air to breathe?   

With great practice and career opportunities, Alberta, Canada offers healthcare practitioners this plus much more.

Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, the western province of Alberta boasts the strongest economy in Canada.  Alberta has a population of over four million people (2014) and features welcoming and inclusive communities, world class educational and health facilities, and all year-round cultural and recreational activities to be enjoyed in four distinct seasons.  The iconic Canadian Rockies help to define Alberta as the settlement destination of choice for professionals and families alike. 

To view available practice opportunities throughout Alberta, please visit the Alberta’s provincial recruitment website: www.APLJobs.ca. Create your free profile and apply for jobs in Alberta, Canada today!

For additional information, contact our recruitment team at consultants@rpap.ab.ca

 Photo: Group of people standing in the snow by Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta (Nathan Hendry / Travel Alberta)

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