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Clinical Ubiquitous Rural Informed Online Services (CURIOS) offers a multifaceted method for pushing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through digital means to busy clinicians across Alberta and beyond.

CURIOS is a set of services that you can follow or integrate into your usual information workflows, whatever they are. If you run a web site or share stuff with friends or colleagues via social media, feel free to grab content and build it into what you do.

There are three key elements to the CURIOS program: filtered feeds, video mashups, and interactive webinars.

Filtered feeds provide thoughtful CPD content authored or edited by productive clinicians who are savvy users of web-technology and social media. You can access CURIOS content through a variety of networks, including Twitter (@cur10s), Facebook and via RSS feed.

Video mashups can be created and distributed through the CURIOS network, repurposing  “snippets” of existing videos, podcasts and presentations into a short, curated digital learning object capturing the best and most important learning points. These digital “shorts” will be available openly for use by anyone developing learning materials in healthcare.

A Rural Webinar Series, focusing on the learning needs of rural physicians, will become a regular offering on CURIOS. Made available to physicians remotely from the CME Office at the University of Calgary, webinars will provide evidence-based, practical, current information in a fully interactive, synchronous, and portable format. Physicians will be able to participate from home, from the clinic, or even from the airport lounge.

CURIOS is a partnership between Dr. David Topps and the Office of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development, University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine  and RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta.

To access CURIOS, visit: https://curios3.wordpress.com/


Photo Credit: "Day 005/365 - Tokidoki" by Jöshua Barnett (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))


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