While working in a city practise in Scotland in 2012, Dr. Beren Hollins decided he needed a new challenge. He began discussing opportunities in Canada with other physicians and family members in British Columbia.

Dr. Beren Hollins of Vegreville, Alberta

Deciding Alberta offered the excitement and diversity of practise he was looking for, Dr. Hollins began speaking with Alberta Health Services about making the jump across the Atlantic.

Although he had assumed he would end up in the big cities, a visit to Vegreville, a town of close to 6,000 people, 90 km east of Edmonton, changed that. Dr. Hollins learned about Vegreville from the blog, GP in Canada (http://gpincanada.tumblr.com/) authored by English ex-pat, Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe, who practices in the community.

His interest piqued, Dr. Hollins and spouse, Melanie, came to Vegreville on a very hot August day in 2013 to learn about the best Vegreville had to offer. The community had done their homework prior to the Hollins’ arrival, looking into the kind of lifestyle the couple wished to lead.

“When it came to doing a site visit I knew this would be this place. They paid a lot of attention to what I wanted, not what they wanted.”

The decision was made to come to Vegreville, and in the spring of 2014, the couple arrived, ready to start a new life in Vegreville. Immediately the community found the newcomers accommodations for themselves and their canine companions.

“When we came here they were really fantastic at getting us accommodation.”

While Dr. Hollins was away on a three month practise assessment, the community stepped up, making Mrs. Hollins feel at home.

“My wife was by herself, it could have really been a tough time, but the town was super supportive. They never let her be alone, unless she wanted to be.”

A year after making the move, Dr. Hollins says his family has adjusted to life in rural Alberta:  

“Neither of us are homesick. It has everything we’ve been looking for.”

If you like a challenge, Hollins says Alberta is a great place to come and work.

 “I imagined I would be a doctor working in a clinic and emergency room, and I got to do that here," says Hollins.

“It reminds me of why I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid”


Are you looking for an extraordinary lifestyle for you and your family, incredible views and fresh air to breathe?

With great practice and career opportunities, Alberta, Canada offers healthcare practitioners this plus much more.

Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, the western province of Alberta boasts the strongest economy in Canada. Alberta has a population of over four million people (2014) and features welcoming and inclusive communities, world class educational and health facilities, and all year-round cultural and recreational activities to be enjoyed in four distinct seasons. The iconic Canadian Rockies help to define Alberta as the settlement destination of choice for professionals and families alike.

To view available practice opportunities throughout Alberta, please visit the Alberta’s provincial recruitment website: www.APLJobs.ca. Create your free profile and apply for jobs in Alberta, Canada today!

For additional information, contact our recruitment team at consultants@rpap.ab.ca

Photo credits: Jonathan Koch / RPAP

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