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Recently, the governing body or Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) decided that, effective May 29th, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the only acceptable sponsor for applicants who qualify only for the Provisional Register – Conditional Practice (PR-CP).

Applicants who qualify for the PR-CP require a clinical assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes called a practice readiness assessment (PRA) and a PRA requires a sponsor. The sponsor ensures that the applicant will have a position as well as covers the costs associated with the assessment upon successful completion.  The PRA ensures applicants have the necessary attributes to provide quality medical care to Alberta’s patients.

Prior to this decision, any physician, physician group, clinic, hospital or AHS could be a sponsor however, if AHS was not a sponsor, they would need to provide a letter of support for the recruited hire.  The recent change means that AHS is now the only acceptable sponsor for applicants to the Provisional Register – Conditional practice.

What does this mean for applicants?

  • For applicants approved for and who are waiting for a PRA (ie have a sponsor and letter of support from AHS if a non-AHS sponsor): there is no change; you are in line to get a PRA.
  • For applicants who have a non – AHS sponsor: a letter of support from AHS be required to determine your ability to go forward and get a PRA.
  • For applicants whose credentials have been reviewed and found to be adequate by the CPSA and who presently do not have a sponsor:  An AHS sponsorship is required.

As AHS is the primary service delivery organization in Alberta, the College Council felt that AHS was  in the best position to help determine Alberta’s physician resource needs and ensure that physicians being recruited to the PR-CP are meeting the needs of Albertans.

AHS needs some time to expand and/or develop processes to accommodate its new role as the sole sponsor of applicants to the PR-CP.  How much time has yet to be determined however we hope they will be in place as quickly as possible.

RPAP Workforce for Alberta recognizes the value of the contributions of International Medical Graduates to our communities and patience is requested from applicants wanting to come to Alberta to practice who qualify only on this register. Our Community Recruitment Consultants are available to answer questions and keep candidates up to date as new information become available.

Please contact us at consultants@rpap.ab.ca

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Mohamed Soltan

I have applied for a sponsorship and successfully found one in a community clinic here in Edmonton and this happened last March 2015 I mean before these changes but I got a letter of non support from AHS and the reason was that they are no longer accepting non FRCPC Candidates which to me does not make sense as this practic readiness program is mainly intended for IMGs who do not have FRCPC. I am Pediatrician who have been assessed to be eligible and I finished a 2 year fellowship in pediatric critical care at the Stollery and I was hoping to start my career as a Pediatrician. But after failing to have AHS Letter of support I am currently unemployed for 3 month. I have applied in Medicine Hat and grand Praire but nothing yet is positives. I am still willing to pursue my career here as a Pediatrician if I can have the AHS letter of support knowing that I have applied before the recent changes become effective and I can provide proofs and send you the AHS Letter of Non support Regards Mohamed Soltan

Ahmed Abuhelala

I was among the first groups who got into this program back in 2006. Since that time, I have been helping and still help Physciains to get into the system. I think this step is going to affect the albertans, as the qualified physicians have to struggle to get in to the process. In the last couple of years I worked hard with my team to help, shadowing, teach, and observe few iMGs, and made sure that those physicians are qualified to get into the system. They are fully licensed now and work independent, therefore helped Albertans and help the Canadian health system in general. I'm still working with the CPSA right now doing the second supervision assessments. I'm keen to work with and help maintain the same rhythm and willing to make sure that candidates are qualified and up to the Canadian standard.

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