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RPAP Rural Initiatives provide Alberta’s rural communities with information and resources to help attract, recruit and retain healthcare practitioners:

Attraction and Retention Committee Support

RPAP Community Recruitment Consultants (CRCs) offer support for the development and subsequent work of rural Community Physician Attraction and Retention (A&R) Committees.

RPAP offers practitioner retention resources to rural committees, including on-line tool kits, workshops, and community grants.

The annual RPAP Community Physician Attraction and Retention Conference also provides rural committee members with the opportunity to network and share best practices relating to attraction and retention.

Practitioner Recruitment Support

RPAP’s CRCs work in tandem with provincial physician recruiters to act as case managers for practice-eligible candidates. RPAP also works with provincial government departments, local and provincial agencies, and partner groups to support recruitment of healthcare practitioners for rural Alberta communities.

As well, RPAP provides APLJobs.ca, the “one-stop” provincial recruitment website for healthcare practitioners wanting to find jobs and practice opportunities in Alberta’s rural and urban centres.

Practitioner Retention Support

RPAP Consultants connect with physicians who are new to rural Alberta, offering educational resources and assistance with the transition into their new community.

Student and Practitioner Education Support

RPAP assists rural students who are considering or pursuing a career in medicine through school outreach programs and financial support.

RPAP also ensures practising rural Alberta physicians have the training and resources they need to enhance their medical skills, regardless of where they live.

Practitioner Appreciation

Through celebrations such as National Doctor’s Day and Alberta Rural Health Week, RPAP encourages communities to show appreciation for rural healthcare practitioners and preceptors (teaching physicians) through simple means such as thank-you letters in local newspapers and certificates of appreciation.

RPAP Awards

Since 2002, the RPAP Awards have provided a healthy dose of recognition to rural Alberta physicians and communities who exhibit excellence in the delivery of healthcare to rural residents.  Each year, RPAP selects recipients for the following awards:

  • The Alberta Rural Physician Award of Distinction
  • The Alberta Rural Community Physician Attraction and Retention Award

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Visit the RPAP Awards section of our website for more information.


Contact the RPAP Community Recruitment Consultant in your area, or click here to visit the Rural Community section of our website. 

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