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Most clinicians love to teach. However, most are expert clinicians, not educators.

Practical Prof, part of the RPAP's PracticalDoc.ca website, is a handy guide to clinical teaching, featuring effective, time-efficient teaching tips and tools appropriate for use in rural offices or hospitals. 

Practical Prof provides concise, high-quality teaching tools for busy rural clinicians who are instructing medical students and resident physicians. Sections include:

Preparing To Teach

Spending a few minutes setting up your office for teaching will reap dividends for both your learners and your patients. Every office and hospital has different processes and procedures which can be daunting for students. Here’s a how-to guide to orienting a new learner.

Teaching Nuts & Bolts

Finding time to teach is a huge challenge in a busy practice, so using efficient and effective teaching techniques is vital. Teaching Nuts and Bolts provides a guide to key preceptor strategies. Here’s what you’ll find in this section.

  •     Key Features Of Great Clinical Teachers
  •     Time-efficient Teaching
  •     Effective Questioning
  •     One Minute Preceptor
  •     SNAPPS
  •     Teaching Procedures
  •     Chart Stimulated Recall

Observation & Feedback

The ability to provide constructive feedback may be the hardest teaching skill to acquire – and perhaps the one most valued by learners. Good feedback often derives from taking the time to observe students interacting with patients. This section provides some tips on how to structure feedback and incorporate observation of learners into a regular routine.


Are you a Hawk or a Dove? It’s important to understand not only your learner’s strengths and weaknesses but also your own biases as a teacher. An accurate assessment of performance is important for both the learner and the university. Learn more about:

  •     Assessment In A Nutshell
  •     RIME
  •     Problems With Assessment

Learners In Difficulty

Dealing with a learner who is struggling with a clinical placement can be challenging. Practical Prof suggests initially focusing on the cause of the difficulty, then moving on to developing strategies for remediation.

You can also access other teaching resources and downloads to help train the next generation of practical docs.

PracticalDoc.ca is by rural doctors, for rural doctors, so if you have a favourite resource or tool worth sharing, you can submit it to Practical Doc. The website is also home to video and podcasts from around the globe, as well as PowerPoint presentations that look at providing the best educational experience for a resident physician.

Practical Doc was formed in response to the ongoing need to provide practicing rural physicians with a place where they can access online skills, resources, and support. More than a clearinghouse for content, Practical Doc merges the needs of a physician who may be looking for information with the support that can be sometimes hard to find when working in a rural community.

PracticalDoc.ca is funded by RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta.


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