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Have you had a medical student shadowing you for an on-call weekend?  Is training a resident during a rural rotation part of your busy schedule? The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) provides numerous initiatives for rural clinical teachers- known as preceptors.

Alberta Rural Family Medicine Program (ARFMN)

The Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network (ARFMN) offers dedicated Family Medicine residency training to prepare competent physicians for the broad demands of rural practice. The Network is a unique collaborative venture of The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP), the Family Medicine departments of the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, and Alberta's rural physicians and Alberta Health Services.

Through the Network, a rural-based Family Medicine residency training program is offered collaboratively through two branches– Rural Alberta North (RAN) and Rural Alberta South (RAS) – which are units of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Family Medicine residency programs.

The two-year Family Medicine curriculum provides training mainly in rural and regional community and hospital practices within rural Alberta. The curriculum is taught largely by rural-based family physicians and specialists attached to the Family Medicine and Royal College specialty departments of the Universities of Alberta or Calgary.

ARFMN Unit Directors recruit Family Medicine preceptors, and work collaboratively with the affiliated university to plan and deliver faculty development and on-site visits. RPAP will provide reimbursement to preceptors for some expenses related to “loss of practice time” and ARFMN faculty development.

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Rural Rotations

In order to encourage rural practice and to provide a positive experience in rural Alberta, RPAP promotes and supports the concept of Alberta medical students and resident physicians taking part of their training in a rural or regional community.

With RPAP funding and support both the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta facilitate and organize medical students and residents (Family Medicine and Royal College) to do mandatory and elective rotations with rural and regional preceptors.

Rural physicians are encouraged to precept residents and medical students during rural rotations. RPAP provides honorarium for the participating preceptor.

The preceptors in each of the training sites have a direct link to the university they are affiliated with and are supported by the respective university through periodic on-site visits by faculty and preceptor development initiatives. In addition, preceptors receive an honorarium through RPAP according to RPAP's provincial rate, and benefit from the preceptor development web site and Enrichment Training initiatives.

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Allow a medical student to shadow you for a weekend when you’re on call, or assist with a tour of your local hospital.

The RPAP Shadowing program connects first and second-year medical students with Alberta rural physicians, providing the opportunity to observe and learn a diverse and unique range of skills; and to practice simple medical procedures.

Shadowing experiences involve the participation of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Faculties of Medicine AND RPAP.  The University and RPAP work in conjunction to organize the experience (community, date/time, and physician) and provide liability coverage and funding.

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Concise Online Teaching Tools

Preceptors love to teach, but most are expert clinicians, not educators.

Practical was created to provide practicing rural physicians with a place where they can access online skills, resources, and support. More than a clearinghouse for content, Practical Doc merges the needs of a physician who may be looking for information with the support that can be sometimes hard to find when working in a rural community.’s teaching section, Practical Prof, provides a handy guide to clinical teaching, together with extra educational tools, resources and downloads to help rural physicians train the next generation of practical docs.

Practical Doc’s Virtual Library provides rapid access to key online Clinical Resources, conveniently grouped into easy-to-find categories.

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