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• Written by Jonathan Koch

Envisioning Tomorrow … Changing Today – Alberta’s Primary Health Care Improvement Symposium

One of the biggest challenges in primary health care is optimizing care transitions and informational continuity of care for patients and populations. How can we learn to improve these transitions between the family practice team and the community ambulatory and specialist clinical care areas? All the while ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and families?

How does this system perspective impact your clinic?

Identify practical and innovative approaches by attending Alberta's Inaugural Primary Health Care Improvement Symposium - Envisioning Tomorrow, Changing Today, taking place in Edmonton from May 25-27, 2016.

This symposium, co-sponsored by AIM Alberta, Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Medical Association and the Alberta College of Family Physicians, will bring together leaders, physicians and clinicians from all parts of the system to talk about Care Coordination, the Patient’s Medical Home and the human side of change management.

Derek Feeley, CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement will be the keynote speaker for the Symposium. Dr. Neil Baker, Dr. Cara Beatty, Jane Taylor and Virginia Crowe will round out the Plenary Sessions. The Symposium will also feature panel discussions moderated by local physicians and experts on the panel topics of care coordination and the Patients’ Medical Home.

The Symposium is accepting abstracts on the main themes of this conference. Guidelines for abstract submissions can be found at www.ImprovingHealthCareAB.com on the Abstracts page.

Registration is now open with an early bird symposium rate of $575 available until April 15, 2016. 

To register or for more information visit www.ImprovingHealthCareAB.com.

RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta is a proud sponsor of Envisioning Tomorrow … Changing Today – Alberta’s Primary Health Care Improvement. 

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