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On 30 January 2016, RPAP | Health Workforce for Alberta and representatives of the Hnatuik family awarded ten students with full tution for the rest of their medical studies.

"Honestly, it's a game changer. I think the biggest stress coming into med school is that something like money could end your dream," said Taylor Nelson a first year University of Alberta medical student from High Level. "This bursary makes a huge difference." 

The Dr. John N. Hnatuik Rural Medical Student Bursary provides full tuition including differential fees for each year of medical studies to reduce the financial burden faced by rural medical students and their families. The bursary celebrate the memory and contributions of Dr. John N. Hnatuik, who passed away in February 2010.

"My dad ... would just be thrilled," said Margaret Yaremko, Dr. Hnatiuk's daughter. "He would have been so proud of each and every one of these receipents."

The impact of the bursary was not lost on the aspiring doctors.

"It will allow me to be a better student because I'm not having to worry about the financial side of things, and that's something to be so thankful for," said Asha Varguhese a first year University of Alberta medical student from Cold Lake.

"In a community sense, I know that there's people out there that are supporting my choice to go rural." said Marie Decock, a first year University of Alberta medical student from Pincher Creek.

The 2015-16 RPAP John N. Hnatuik Rural Medical Student Bursary recipients (Including hometown and place of study):

  • Lynn Williams, Cardston County, AB (U of A)

  • Taylor Nelson, High Level, AB  (U of A)

  • Scott Anderson, Lethbridge, AB  (U of A)

  • Asha Varughese, Cold Lake, AB  (U of A)

  • Marie Decock, Pincher Creek, AB  (U of A)

  • Matthew Siray, Millarville, AB (U of A)

  • Marc-Andre Filion, Vermilion, AB (U of A)

  • Courtney Bailey, South Cooking Lake, AB (U of A)

  • Wade Walters, Redwood Meadows, AB (U of C)

  • Scott Manktelow, Canmore, AB (U of C)

For more information on how RPAP supports Alberta-based medical students, including the Medical Student Award and Bursary program, please visitwww.rpap.ab.ca/medical-students.

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