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Are you curious about physician vacancies across Alberta? RPAP is happy to present the latest Landscape of Rural Health dashboard, focusing on the physician vacancy rates throughout the Province. The Physician Vacancy Rates tool will allow you to compare the vacancy rates of physicians by specialty and by area. Simply use the drop down menu to choose which physician specialty you wish, and the map will auto-populate the data you requested. For a more in-depth analysis you can take a look at the figures for each area presented in table form below the maps.

The dashboard presents vacancies in two easy-to-use, interactive maps, broken down into Alberta Health Services (AHS) regions, and the 2011 Canadian Federal Electoral Districts. The data presented is taken from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta’s (CPSA) registry database, which allows us to follow where in the Province physicians have registered their practice; and the website APLJobs.ca, which allows all recruiters in the Province to advertise their job opportunities in healthcare free of charge. APLJobs.ca hosts all of AHS’s vacancies, as well as those from other organizations such as Primary Care Networks and other Allied Health organizations. Though this dashboard focuses on physician vacancies, the website allows postings for nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, physiotherapists and others. These professions will be the subject of a future dashboard when sufficient data has been collected. Please note that the information presented is a snapshot of the Province in September 2015.

In addition to Physician Vacancy Rates, RPAP provides the All Physicians dashboard, which contains information as it pertains to physician attraction and retention within Alberta communities. This dashboard presents an outlook on the physician supply in Alberta in July 2015, based on information provided by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

For any follow up questions, please contact RPAP Research and Analysis at researchandanalysis@rpap.ab.ca.

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