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It’s official: AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging has launched! 

Created with security in mind

Designed to address the security concerns inherent with the fax machine, text messages, and emails, and improve clinic workflow, AMA dr2dr enables clinic staff and doctors to communicate instantly and securely, ensuring all messages, discussions, and confidential patient information are sent to the intended recipient only. And since AMA dr2dr is online, sending patient records over the unsecured fax is a thing of the past.

Axe the Fax. And the paper

With AMA dr2dr, clinics can finally Axe the Fax and communicate securely. Instead of sending referrals and confidential patient information to a fax machine in an unsecured common area, AMA dr2dr provides a communication channel with 256-bit encryption (as secure as online banking transactions!), ensuring confidential patient information is sent securely and only to the intended recipient. And since AMA dr2dr is a fully online solution, there is no more need to waste time organizing or searching through mountains of paperwork.

Instant communication

With AMA dr2dr, communication between clinic staff and doctors, both internally and externally, has never been easier. AMA dr2dr allows for patient demographics and supporting documents such as lab results, history, and consultation requests to be attached to any communication. Doctors can instantly review these documents and provide comments and advice. Additionally, AMA dr2dr logs everything within the system and provides a complete audit trail. Clinic staff and doctors can see when a conversation was created, and which recipients have read or not read the messages or attachments. AMA dr2dr also provides a robust notification system, allowing for email or text notifications for new or updated messages. By incorporating tracking and notifications, AMA dr2dr ensures your communications are secure and protected.

Easily connect

AMA dr2dr features a comprehensive global address book of every clinic, doctor, and user in the AMA dr2dr system. AMA dr2dr’s address book is fully searchable: search for clinics, doctors, and users by name, or search for doctors by practice and specialties. Clinic staff and doctors can add other AMA dr2dr users as a connection, adding those users to their own personal address book, making communication even easier.

Trusted support

Along with its incredible features, AMA dr2dr also comes with Microquest’s world-class support. Microquest’s support team has worked alongside clinic staff and doctors to offer support for Healthquest, and AMA dr2dr will be no exception. Microquest’s support team will be there for AMA dr2dr, as they have always been there for Healthquest.

AMA dr2dr also hosts a variety of additional support resources, including:

AMA dr2dr pays for itself

An account with AMA dr2dr costs only $34.99 per month, providing access for one physician and any clinic staff reporting to that physician. However, with the new e-consult fee codes from Alberta Health (03.01O, 03.01R), physicians using AMA dr2dr can cancel out that monthly subscription cost with just one advice request per month!

Free until October

Sign up on AMA dr2dr now to take advantage of a free subscription until September 30, 2016! Spend the next three months using AMA dr2dr for free, seeing first-hand how AMA dr2dr can improve communication, clinic workflow, and patient care. After September, take advantage of the e-consult fee codes to keep using AMA dr2dr at, effectively, no cost!

Sign up now! Visit www.dr2dr.ca, and start to Axe the Fax!

Follow dr2dr on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dr2drSecureMsg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dr2drSecureMessaging/

Information courtesy of the Alberta Medical Association


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