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The 2016 A&R conference plans are moving forward! “Behind the Scenes: Rural Alberta Community Success in Physician Attraction and Retention” will be the theme of this year’s interactive event to occur in Vermilion on September 28th and 29th. Keynote speakers, workshop facilitators and panel members will share what has led to success in rural Alberta; practical tools and techniques will make up what conference participants can take away from the two-day event. Speakers and workshop facilitators will consist of community members, physicians, healthcare facility staff and leaders in the field of community development. Social events and other community activities will also be part of the experience!

Conference venue:
Vermilion Regional Centre
5702 College Drive

Room reservations at the three hotel options for the conference can be made using the following information:

Super 8- Book Under RPAP Alberta
$125.10 plus tax- Double Queen Room
Phone: 780-853-4741
Email: VermilionAltSuper8@gmail.com
Rooms held till Aug 27

Pomeroy Inn- Book Under Rural Alberta Physicians
$139-$179 plus tax- various types of rooms
Phone: 780-853-3066
Email: gm@pomeroyvermilion.com
Rooms held till Aug 26

Days Inn- Book Under RPAP Alberta
$125.10 plus tax- Standard Room
Phone: 780-853-4771
Email: daysinn.vermilion@gmail.com
Rooms held till Sept 9

Follow the link to access a map of the accommodation options in relation to the conference venue. All hotels and the centre are within 5 minutes of each other. The Pomeroy Inn will be the site of a wine and cheese on the evening of the 27th.

Conference registration details, including fees, will be available by early August.

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