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The SRPC's R&R course is quickly approaching! If you have not already signed up,  follow the registration link is at the bottom of this email.

*ATTENTION Nurses and Paramedics
The CARE Course  2 days - April 4th and 5th 
info : https://www.thecarecourse.ca/moodle2/

CAEP: AIME  1 day April 4th OR April 5th
http://caep.ca/cpdcme/roadshows-current-cme/aime  <Register on their site*.

CASTED   2 days - April 4th and 5th
info : https://casted.ca/

HOUSE-OB   1 Day - Saturday April 8th OR Sunday April 9th 
info : http://ubccpd.ca/rural/traveling-courses/ob-ultrasound

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Here is the link to register.
Select - Sign up for Pre or Post Course

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