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On Fridays, we showcase the people and places we encounter each week in our quest to support quality health care provision in rural Alberta.

This week, we put the call out for student housing in High Level, we catch up with Donna Bonsteel on the road, and beam down to Vulcan County.

We are looking for a 2 bedroom suite, lease for a year to start Aug 1, 2017, pet friendly (student has a dog) Contact Donna Bonsteel, RPAP Housing Coordinator North, Tel: 587-525-6634, email: accommodation@rpap.ab.ca

Where's Donna? 

Donna in Peace River (top L&R) and Swan Hills

Our intrepid program support coordinator for northern Alberta was on the road last week, First she checked in from Swan Hills, where the town is providing accommodation for about a dozen students who will be doing their rural rotations this coming academic year; and Peace River, where she was scoping out rental units for student and resident rotations. 

Passing through Redwater

Later in the week, Donna was setting up accommodations in Redwater today, where Dr. Erasmus is scheduled to take six student rotations this coming academic year.  

Boldly going to Vulcan County

Last weekend we swung through a sweltering hot Vulcan County, home to wide-open spaces and out-of-the-way places, stopping by Lomond, Vulcan, and Mossleigh along the way.

Vulcan County, Alberta, Canada

Kinnondale, Alberta

Across rural Alberta, citizens, community groups, and municipalities have erected hundreds of signs and monuments to commemorate the former locations of schools, churches, and other historic sites from the province's pioneer-era. This sign marks the former site of Kinnondale school, located north east of the village of Lomond, which closed in 1941. Be sure to follow @_bozlo_@prairieeyes@thelostcanuck@jennspix@skymanblue and  @forgotten_alberta on Instagram as they travel Alberta in search of hidden gems and forgotten history

Banner photo: Story sunset over Olds. Taken by Jonathan Koch / RPAP

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