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Dr. Lynne M. McKenzie RPAP is pleased to announce the launch of the Dr. Lynne M. McKenzie Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Dr. Lynne Maureen McKenzie, who dedicated her life and career to medicine and the special place in her heart that she carried for rural Alberta medicine.

The scholarship of $1500.00 is open to any medical student currently enrolled in an Albertan medical school who wish to pursue a career as a rural Alberta physician.

RPAP is currently accepting applications for this award.

If you are interested, please contact RPAP at info@rpap.ab.ca to receive your application package. Deadline for applications is August 31st of each calendar year.

Remembering Dr. Lynne M. McKenzie

Dr. Lynne Maureen McKenzie left us too soon, at the age of 67, on March 14th, 2017, while out of the country on vacation. Lynne’s journey on this earth began on October 17th, 1949, in Edmonton Alberta.

From the start, she was the curious, loving soul all those around her admired and adored. Lynne moved to Fleet, Alberta when she was very young. Lynne spent her free-range childhood roaming widely and learning constantly.

Dr. McKenzie graduation,1978. After graduating from Gus Wetter high school as valedictorian in 1966, she attended the Northern Institute of Technology (NAIT) and graduated as a Medical Lab Technician with honors in 1968. Lynne worked for two years as a Lab Tech than began the trajectory that lead her to receiving her BSc and MD at the University of Calgary. Lynne was one of very few women who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1978. Lynne did her two-year residency at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary. In 1980, she opened her own medical practice in Calgary with privileges at both the Rockyview General Hospital and the Holy Cross Hospital. Lynne delivered hundreds of babies while in Calgary, she also assisted an orthopedic surgeon who was pioneering arthroscopic surgeries.

In 1995, Lynne moved to Hanna and then in July 1996 she moved to Drumheller to further her practice of family medicine. April of 1999, Lynne settled in Coronation to serve the community as a medical doctor. Living close to her childhood home in Fleet, allowed her to spend time with and care for her mother, Ada.

Lynne was a consummate professional, who was passionate about her work in medicine. She will always be remembered as a physician who advocated for her patients and served them with warmth and compassion. She delivered the last baby born at the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre. Right up until her retirement in December 2016, she continued to make home visits to her patients in need.

Lynne still found time to embrace life with her enthusiasm for gardening, cooking, painting or colouring, reading, skiing, biking and appreciating nature. She loved ‘putting by for the winter’ seasonal vegetables and fruits, pickling numerous types of pickles and relishes and creating chutneys, jams, and jellies. One of her greatest joys was her animal companions with whom she shared her life and home. Lynne lived life as brightly as the waterfall of flowers in her garden. Lynne was a loving, generous person, fun talented lady and the world is a little less bright without her in it. - Submitted

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Dr Gerhard Malherbe

Dr McKenzie was my colleague from the time she got to Coronation in 1999 till I left the area in 2008. I can attest to her high standard of care and diligent nature in her work. I understand her struggle with after hours availability. In rural medicine it is a big sacrifice to give your all in daytime and commit to after hours work. However, Lynne was an enormous value to rural medicine and did her absolute best with the after hours sacrifice. I commend her and salute her as a role model in my young carreer. Any student that secure this funding can be proud of that status.....just make sure you follow in her foorsteps away from the City lights. Remember, rural GPs aren't force to be there, they choose to be there because it is a better carreer choice. Rural lifestyle is fantastic if you are the creative type. Its not for those who want to put n coin into a machine or pay a membership for others to entertain them. Plus the air is clean!

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