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Every Friday, we provide a round-up of notes an acitivites that impact RPAP and health care in rural Alberta communities. 

This edition we spend some time in the deep south of Alberta, check in on our friends in Flagstaff, and get on track with the committee in Grimshaw.

The shadow of the Rockies

On June 7, RPAP teamed up with the Chinook Regional Foundation for Career Transitions to offer a Lethbridge group job shadow for high school students.

Students participated in four skills stations where they learned basic medical skills used by nurses doctors and midwives.

Thanks to RPAP's Rosemary Burness and Julie Davis, Dr. Caleb De Putter, Jackie Patey, RN and Lainey Blood, and our friends at Career Transitions for making the event a great success!

>>> Check out some pictures from the Lethbridge event here.

On June 9, RPAP headed west to the Crowsnest Pass and Blairmore to interview some of the health care professionals there who take great pride in serving their community. Thanks to Dr. Bert Reitsma, Elizabeth Cook, RN, and Dr. Allan Garbutt, for taking the time to speak with us, and to Luke and Charlotte for making us look great. Makeovers for everyone!

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

The following day, RPAP Communications ventured south along the magnificent Cowboy Trail to World Heritage Site, Waterton Lakes National Park, to speak with local Improvement District councillors, Jody Thaell and Ken Black, about access to health care in that community.

Waterton is a can-do community that makes things happen. We were privileged to take in the sites, and see the community in a brand new light.

Waterton Lakes and Area

Showing the Flag


On June 8, RPAP Rural Consultant, Colleen Lindholm, met with the committee from Flagstaff County on Monday, and had a visit with these little guys on the right at a local farm after the meeting! This committee is well established and has done some great work in their area. Flagstaff were the recipients of the 2014 RPAP Alberta Rural Community Physician Attraction Retention Award. They are looking forward to working with RPAP as they shift their focus to attraction and retention to allied health professionals as well as physicians.

They're on track in Grimshaw

New RPAP Rural Consultant, Holly Handfield, spent some time with the Peace Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Committee this past week, taking part in a healthcare appreciation event for local healthcare professionals, which included a tasty BBQ followed by some mini golf. A few days later, Holly was back in Grimshaw, taking in a meeting of the committee, and some local Mosquito League baseball! Go team! 

2017 Peace Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Committee health care professional appreciation event 2017 Peace Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Committee health care professional appreciation event

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