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• Written by Bernard Anderson

A program that has helped to grow interest in rural practice amongst Alberta medical students celebrated 10 years of success last week.

Established in 2007, the Rural Integrated Community Clerkship (RICC) places third-year medical students in rural Alberta communities for approximately 36 weeks, where students are provided with continuous patient care, preceptor supervision, and learning experiences at regional family medicine practices.

Dr. Jill Konkin and Bernard C. Anderson

RPAP was pleased to be invited to the University of Alberta’s celebration of ten years of delivering the Rural Integrated Community Clerkship Program. RPAP Executive Director, Bernard C. Anderson  connected with Dr. Jill Konkin at the 23 June 2017 celebration event. The pair had previously worked together on a number of projects when Mr. Anderson was with the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Health, and now Dr. Konkin and Bernard are in the midst of assessing the feasibility of collaboration on future rural health research projects.

Dr. Konkin receiving award of recognition

Dr. Konkin also receiving recognition at the event for being champion of rural health education for medical students since the RICC program's inception.

Bernard C. Anderson

RPAP’s ED was absolutely thrilled to be able to listen to medical students final presentations for the term.

"These medical students give me faith that our health care delivery in Alberta will get better and better and better," said Mr. Anderson.

 Bernard C. Anderson, Dr. Laura Schneider and Dr. Bright Drah

The RICC event also connected old friends when RPAP’s ED met up with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Laura Schneider, and the Ministry of Health’s representative, Dr. Bright Drah.

More information about RICC may be found at: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/communities/ruralregional/undergraduate/icc

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