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Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic of Sundre and Sylvan Family Health Centre in Sylvan Lake have been honoured as recipients of the Alberta College of Family Physician's Outstanding Family Practice Award for Alberta in 2017.

Moose And Squirrel Medical Clinic in Sundre, has adopted the Patients Medical Home model.  Here, a nurse practitioner, nurses and other healthcare professionals work with family physicians as a team.  It’s a multidisciplinary approach.

Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic opened in Sundre in 2013. 

Together, they provide care that focuses on patient needs first, providing them with timely access to comprehensive care throughout all stages of life.  It’s considered the future of family practice in Canada.


Physician Dr. Rob Warren, says “We take way better care of our patients working together than any of us could on our own.”

Dr. Joan Horton of the Alberta College of Family Physicians presents Dr. Michelle Warren with the Outstanding Family Practice Award.

The group at Moose and Squirrel is being recognized for the high level of care they provide.

Dr. Joan Horton is the Recognition and Awards Committee Chair with Alberta College of Family Physicians.  She came from Calgary to present the award.

“It’s a great day to have this inaugural award presented to this outstanding, innovative team.”

 Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie brought greetings and congratulations from what he described as a very grateful community.

Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie added, “Drs. Michelle and Rob Warren are pioneers.  They and their team, all of these people that are here today, bring to this community remarkable practice.”

“On behalf of the Alberta College of Family Physicians, I’d like to present this award to Rob and Michelle Warren for demonstrating leadership of the patients medical home,”  Dr. Horton said as she presented the award to the Warrens.

 L to R, Terri Potter, ACFP, Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren and Dr. Rob Warren, Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic and Dr. Joan Horton, ACFP

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Rob Warren said, “There’s a moment when the light goes on for people when they suddenly kinda get what we are about.  And we say that that person is ‘Moosed’. Now some people come in ‘pre-moosed’ and other people get there along the way.”

 Dr. Michelle Warren gives the award to Leah Jensen, Quality Improvement Mgr., to hold for the group photo

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren credits the team at the Moose and Squirrel for their achievement.  “This is their clinic as much as it is ours.  So I’m thrilled that this award is an award that’s recognizing them.”

Dr. Rob Warren adds, “It may be the doctor’s name that’s on the prescription, or the doctor’s name on the door but it’s the entire team that’s pulling together to deliver high quality care.”


Leah Jensen, Quality Improvement Manager loves working at Moose and Squirrel Clinic.  “It’s a family here.  Everyone takes care of each other.”

Terri Potter, executive director of Alberta College of Family Physicians, says, “Rural people are able to look at the resources they have and create something.”

Years ago, Dr. Rob Warren thought if he ever opened a pub he would call it the Moose & Squirrel.  Years later, instead of a pub, it became the name for the Warren's medical clinic. 

“We’re so proud of them for having done this, and really set a standard that we can only hope to emulate in the future.  That all clinics would be able to look at the pieces and look at this model and say, ‘we can do that’”, says Dr. Joan Horton.

The team at the Moose & Squirrel.

Sylvan Family Health Centre in Sylvan Lake were also named recipients of this year's award.

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